All sales go towards supporting the server, building the community and are very much appreciated!

We provide various in-game perks such as land claim blocks, crate keys to get special items, and ranks which unlock various morphs, give you early access to a ton of commands, rank tags and much more.

Rank Upgrades

Each Rank provides various commands, morphs, and more.
Previous Rank purchases act as credits towards future Rank purchases. *
If you purchase Rabbit rank for $10, then next month you upgrade to Fox, you would pay $20 instead of $30!

Crate Keys
Purchase keys to unlock the Diamond and Emerald crates, as well as holiday crates when available. Each key is a chance at receiving one of numerous items available for the corresponding crate. You may preview all the items in each crate within the game.
All non-consumable items that are won are tradable.


Transform into your favorite mob! Unlock morphs instantly with Ranks or unlock them by completing various missions.  Morphs will hide you for a brief period of time from certain hostile mobs and even give you special abilities.  See how many morphs you can unlock!

Land Claims
Protect your builds from griefers using Claim Blocks. You start out with 1000 Claim Blocks, and accrue 50 additional Claim Blocks every hour of play up to 5000 Claim Blocks total.  You may trade Claim Blocks in game, or purchase in this store.

Rank purchases cannot be used as credit towards any other items in the store other than other Ranks and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
You may not sell in-game items to any other users outside the game's provided economy.
Any users found violating this rule will be banned from the server. Bans may be appealed by submitting a ticket in the Netherite Realms Discord Support channel.

Netherite Realms is NOT affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Notch Development AB.

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